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What does RTU stand for? Remote Telemetry Unit or Remote Terminal Unit?

Well, the simple answer is that it stands for both and whilst there are minor differences they are used interchangeably in normal industry conversation.


Other meanings for RTU:

Returned to Unit - military: a member of the military being returned to their home base/unit, either due to being medically unfit, unable to complete training, or disorderly conduct.

Rooftop Unit - HVAC: an air handler usually located on the top of a building.

Real Time Ultrasound - medical: an imaging technique allowing visualisation of muscle contractions.

Remote Titration Unit - chemical: one for all you chemists and water analysis people 

Radio Telemetry Unit - IoT: as above

Real Time UNIX - IT: couldn't resist including this one! 


Feel free to add your favourites!

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